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  • Good dogs languish in shelters, given up for dead. Literally.

Dragon’s Dream saves dogs from high-kill shelters. We arrange and pay for transportation, veterinary care (including spay or neuter), temporary housing, and get them to rescue organizations that, ultimately, find the dogs homes where they will be able to live out the rest of their lives in a caring environment. In special cases, we also provide training for the dogs. (Only under special circumstances do we adopt dogs out to final homes).

The fact is that there are enough good homes for shelter dogs that euthanizing them is a tragedy of logistics, and nothing else.

Our vision is a United States in which euthanizing dogs simply because the shelter is over-crowded is no longer done.

None of this is cheap. A typical breakdown for rescuing a dog from a high-kill shelter looks something like this:

• Bail (release from shelter): $20-$50
• Veterinary care (shots, spay/neuter, health certificate, excludes special cases): $200-$300
• Transportation (volunteer saintly person, in a car, driving A to B and back again to A, often needing not just gasoline, but room and board for a night): $200-$300
• Foster home (while a forever home is sought, the dog must eat): $25/week
• Training (for feral or abused dogs, this is necessary): $150-$300

The total ranges from $450 to $750 or more, per dog, depending on how smoothly everything goes.

How can you help? There are four ways:


  1. By making a one-time purchase from our store (click here)
  2. By becoming a foster (click here)
  3. By making a one-time PAYPAL donation (click here)
  4. Or by making a recurring donation (click here).

Loaded and ready to roll!

Loaded and ready to roll!